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About Us

LOJA by Casa Mae was born from the desire to showcase the new Portuguese scene of artisans & designers.  Unique pieces, limited editions and exclusive collaborations for Casa Mae are at the core of our LOJA project, promoting traditional craft techniques with a new contemporary design angle and enabling dedicated artisans to access our community of guests and like-minded shoppers.  Our vision of a sunny sustainable lifestyle and a platform for the vibrant Portuguese creative scene.

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Handmade in Portugal

Long lasting, quality artisanal products, proudly made / handmade in Portugal. In Portugal, the artisan scene is so vibrant, many small ceramic workshops, artisanal joineries, weaving ateliers - with passionate and talented makers, open for challenge and happy to get opportunities to show their work and create beautiful pieces, sometimes together with Casa Mae.  Antique techniques revisited with a fresh design savvy eye ;)


Bespoke Collaborations

Since we opened Casa Mae in 2016, we have collaborated with dozens of artisans and designers to create special pieces for Casa Mae, reflecting the barefoot slow living concept - simplicity, creativity & noble materials.  The collaborations are showcased in the rooms but a few more pieces can be produced upon request or directly available at our LOJA.


Inspired by Nature

Casa Mae is surrounded by scenic, beautiful beaches and an untouched stunning coastline.  At the hotel, we do everything we can to be 100% natural, we grow our own veggies in our huge orchard, rise our hens, and our room's and SPA amenities are also all natural and locally made with oil from locally grown nuts.  We keep the same ethos in our LOJA, nature inspires us and our products are naturally made from local materials from the skincare to the rugs - all fundamentally respecting the environment.

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